Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The winner is....

Thank you to everyone who sent descriptions of where "Life" happens in their homes.  I enjoyed reading the posts and emails so much! The winner is post #15 (via 

Lauren W.
In our brand new (to us) home, life happens in the dining room. We finally have a table big enough for all four of us, and we can eat in peace, with no tv, toys, or messes distracting us. The girls feed one another from their plates, and Brian and I get to talk to each other AND look at each other, often for the first time all day. When we talked about our favorite things about our new home, I said the dining room! I love that it brings my family together.

Congratulations, Lauren! 

Happy June!

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  1. SWEET!! I never win anything!! This is great news! Thanks!