Thursday, June 30, 2011

Le House of Butterflies

Close. Cheap. Kid friendly. Fun.

The key elements make a summer day with 4 little ones into an awesome day with 4 little ones. Even when one of them says "Mom, that toot sounded like a tuba. First I had a violin toot, then I had a tuba toot", in public. Le Sigh...

The Butterfly House is about 2 miles from Casa de McGowan. Total score! Plus, going at 10:20 am on a Wednesday meant that we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The manager there, Julie, was wicked cool and so accomodating to my little caterpillar afficionados. In fact, when Julie showed the kids the box with the caterpillars and said "Look! One of them has formed a cocoon", Logan replied "No, actually, that is a chrysalis", and Eliza chimed in "Yea lady that is a chrysalis". Oh boy was I beaming with pride.  Julie was super impressed and took this as her que to get down and dirty in the Butterfly lingo.  Did you know that certain butterflies lay eggs on specific plants? When the eggs hatch, and the caterpillar emerges, that same plant is the only plant that can be used as a source of food for the little guy, and as a home for the chrysalis it will form. Amazing right? Man, we learned a lot yesterday.

We were also lucky enough to spot a gigantic Monarch caterpillar outside the House. We were told that if we return on Tuesday, we could probably see him in his next stage. Julie was super impressed at how well-behaved, good listeners Logan and Eliza were. (*cough*Good thing she didn't know about our hour and 15 minute escapade to get out the door *cough*).  She invited us back as often as we would like, and I am certain I will take her up on that offer!

The kids were equally as thrilled to see the Koi pond fully stocked with bright orange, hungry fish, and the cutest little Lilly Pads you ever did see.  Actually, perhaps I was more excited than they were.  We fed the ravenous fish, did a few laps around the nursery, and were home in time for lunch. Success.

Now, for the proof.

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