Thursday, June 23, 2011

Virtual Garage Sale!

You need it? I probably have it. 

Destash of baby stuff. Three kids are expensive, yo. Plus, my house is getting smaller by the minute. I will ship for an extra so if you see something you just gotta have, give me a shout-out! 
4 Tommee Tippee bottles $5 each (never been used)
Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags, never opened 50 Count $10
Medela Steam Bags (4 count) $3
Two Eddie Bauer Deluxe Roller Shade (2) $15
Two pairs of 0-3 mth khaki shoes, never worn $4 (tags still on)
One pair of brown Corduroy Gymboree shoes size 2 $10 (tags on)
Robeez, 18-24 months, never worn $15 (in package)
Goodmama's - all in EXCELLENT condition $19 each
Fitted, pockets, (random WAHM) $4 each
FuzziBunz L $7
GAD Medium Husky (Brown with pink) $4
Fleece Soakers $4 each
Training underpants, never worn, $5
10 random doublers and inserts, cotton, fleece, and obv $4 for lot
Recycled Wool Longies $7
Knit wool cover (pinks) gift condition, $9
2 Large gPants and shells, $5 each

I also have a Kettler High chair $30, a Wendy Bellissimo Umbrella Stroller same style as Maclaren stroller - $50, bouncy seat, $20

Additionally I have TUBS of boys clothing and maternity clothing. Pretty much everything 50 cents to $1.

I also have a beautiful, furry, man's best friend, automatic mess maker.  He goes by the name Wrigley. He will offer hours of entertainment producing screeching howling, will step on your toes when you are sure to not have sock or shoes on, will eat out of the bathroom garbage, and will lick your small children's faces. 

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  1. Lots of great stuff! However... you can keep "man's best friend". I told Cory the other day that they are "man's" best friend because women have to clean up after them and eventually learn to hate them! (the dog that is...)