Friday, September 25, 2009


Last night as I was putting away clean laundry in our bedroom, Logan was playing quietly in his room. I could see him from where I was sitting on my bed. He would look at a book, then do a puzzle, then would look at his flash cards, then visit with his stuffed animals... it was very endearing to watch!

Then, then "incident" happened.

He was inspecting the knob on his dresser when the base to the new video monitor we just got fell off his dresser. It fell at his feet and he stood there stunned, the look of horror across his face. I didn't say or do anything because I really just wanted to see what he would do next - what he did made me laugh so hard, I think I peed a little bit.

So back to the scene, there was Logan, standing over the fallen monitor. Stunned. Then he starts pacing in his room whispering "oh no, oh no, oh no..." over and over. Then he walks over to his door, and you could tell that a lightbulb went off over his cute little blonde head. He moves the laundry basket out of the way, and reaches on his tip toes to shut his bedroom door, probably thinking to himself "If I can't see it, and SHE can't see it... there is NOTHING to see here!". He successfully closes the door and strolls into my room with his hands behind his back and in the most angelic voice says "HI MOOOOOMMMMM!!!".

I started cracking up, but then stopped the laughing, and got down on his level, and this was our conversation:

Me: Logan, did something happen in your room?
Logan: um. uh huh.
Me: Did you knock down the new monitor?
Logan: uhhhh huhhhhhhh
Me: Should we go pick it up?
Logan: yaaaaaaaaaa....

I explained to him that accidents happen, and all was well. I just couldn't believe that this little person, now has the ability to feel guilt, then conjur up a PLAN, act out the plan, admit fault, and rectify his actions. Oh my gosh, he is actually a person!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Love When...

Dear Logan,

* I love when you need to put your football in a safe place, you always find me. Even if I am in another room, you will seek me out to give me the football as you know I will keep it safe, clean, dry, and know where it is when you need it. If I am sitting on the couch, you will walk up and toss it in my lap. If it is sitting on the arm of the chair, you will come up, grab it, and toss it in my lap. If I am not paying attention, you will stuff it down my shirt or yell "MOM!".

* I love that you are learning a bagillion words a day. Today you looked out the window and said "My daddy going bye bye in that truck". What? WHAT?! You formed a sentence. A SENTENCE!

* I love that you love your Grandma Claudia. Very few things make me happier than watching the two of you play.

* I love when you melt into my arms before bed. You just flop your head onto my shoulder and wrap your little arms around my back. If I could describe what being a mommy feels like, it would be a description of this moment.

* I love how you can make me laugh even when someone else in the room is throwing up... all over our table. "Mommy.... Nile spilled!". Yes, honey. Sort of.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Say what?

Last night at dinner Logan told us a very elaborate story complete with hand gestures, pointing, shrugging, and sighing. The only thing is we have NO idea what he was talking about.

It went something like this:

Brian: Logan can you take a bite of your dinner?
Logan: Bfth shiuoe youenw jusyhe puppy hoie football houw ih!
Brian: What?
Logan: (pointing outside) WRIBLEY hiuoh fhdeiuo hifoesy huirfh fernbygfv aahyes.
Me: What was that?
Logan: I want milk. Yhlie naience hneudne string cheese!

How can we argue with that!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Love When....

Since I plan to turn this blog into a book for Logan, I wanted to remember to put this in here - dated July 11, 2009:

I love how Logan says "I poo poo'd" with a questioning sound in his voice everytime I change his diaper, and is very concerned if any of the other daycare kids poo poo'd at each diaper change.

I love how Logan gives the best smooches ever

I love how Logan likes to go up to each picture of me in the house and say "that's MY mommy"

I love how every sentence he says starts and ends with "mommy" - example "mommy I want mo milk mommy"

I love how he sleeps with his butt up in the air.

I love that he calls Wrigley (our boxer) Wribley

I love how each day he says something new - today it was "GOOD THROW!"

I love how he has a fake laugh

I love that he can actually understand what I am saying to him now.

Most of all, I love that I can soothe and comfort him unlike anyone else in the entire world. It is the most empowering feeling ever and I can never find the words to thank Logan for allowing me to fill that part of his life.

Friday, September 11, 2009

my husband came out of the closet...

... and showed his true colors. He loves 90210.

He will deny it, so don't even ask him about it. Let me set the scene for you....

It is a Wednesday evening, Logan is in bed, and I have the new 90210 on TiVo. I tell Brian my plans to watch in and he scoffs, grabbing his computer and pretending that he is irritated about being subjected to such mundane programming. Yea, well... this is what happened next:

Brian: who is that?
Lindsay: Mr. Man Hands
Brian: who is he dating?
Lindsay: Naomi
Brian: I thought she was dating that other kid
Lindsay: no he moved
Brian: oh. Nevermind, I don't care anyways.
Lindsay: mmmm hmmmmm

wait for it..... wait for it....

Brian: WHAT is she wearing?
Lindsay: Who?
Brian: Silver! I thought she was all grunge-blog-dark girl... now she is all trendy prep.
Lindsay: Just keeping with the times honey.
Brian: whatever, this show is stupid

wait for it....

Brian: Who is that?!
Lindsay: the new guy
Brian: is he supposed to be in high school?
Lindsay: yep
Brian: whatever, I'm not watching anyways
Lindsay: suuuurrreee

waiting ....

Brian: why is the principals daughter sad?
Lindsay: her friends are mad at her
Brian: why?
Lindsay: she ratted them out
Brian: where did they move to?
Lindsay: a new house
Brian: Where?
Lindsay: I don't know
Brian: this show is dumb
Lindsay: uh-huh

Yep, you get the picture. This went on for the entire hour. I won't be surprised if he has the 90210 theme song as his new ringtone. If he starts watching Secret Life of the American Teenager, however, I may start getting nervous.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Logan,

Dear Logan,

You just blew me the best kiss from across the room, then let out a huge giggle. That is EXACTLY what I needed. You are amazing, and we are beyond lucky to have you, our little man.

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Better than a Five Dollar Footlong?

I have to say I encountered many "interesting" situations working in the Staffing Industry that yielded some pretty entertaining stories. Like the guy that left my desk, MID-INTERVIEW to ride his bike around the parking lot and DRINK A BEER! Or the story of the chick who, post-interview, proceeded to eat and entire business card at the interviewers desk. She ate it. As in, ingested the business card. Yep. While these stories were entertaining, and quite unique, NONE of them compare to the endearing stories I will be able to tell from being with kids all day.

Have you all heard the Five Dollar Footlong story?

This is a conversation I had with Ava, Alanna's older sister who is 4-years-old.

Ava: I have a piggy bank

Me: Awesome! How much money do you have saved?


Me: That's great! What are you saving up for?

Ava: A Five Dollar Footlong...

Classic. I will never in my life forget the hilarity of that day because I laughed so hard that I thought nothing else a kid could say could compare to the humor of that story... that is, until today.

I have to preface the story with this YouTube video. Please go watch this now. Trust me, it is VERY important to the story:

Ok, you back? Funny, no? Brian showed me this video about a month ago and understanably, I laughed pretty hard.

Ok, so flash forward to today. I am sitting on the couch with Alanna, reading a book. Logan, Nile, and Eliza are all sitting at the little table working on a puzzle when I hear Nile, in and ENGLISH ACCENT, say "Ouch, Charlie bit me" while Eliza pinches his shoulder. I slowly look up because I couldn't understand how Nile got my computer downstairs, found the YouTube video and pushed play, because, I mean, he is only two! I swear to you, it sounded EXACTLY like the big brother in the video. EXACTLY! I was in completely shock that I heard Nile say this, so I asked him calmly, "Nile? What did you just say?" and he's all "Charlie bit me!" in the best English Accent I have ever heard, while pointing at Eliza. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mind you, this is the same child who, in the beginning of the week, was referring to Eliza as Baliza. Ba-Liza.

Consider this my "high five" to the internet for imapacting the life of a two-year-old. Love it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My son, the Boxer

And not the Wrigley-dog kind. The fighting kind, because have you seen this poor kids face lately?

He seems to be taking it all in stride, actually. After the "train track incident" I thought his poor face would be spared from additional mishappenings, but then he had an unfortuante face meet staircase banister encounter, followed by a forhead to train table confrontation. Poor kid needs a helmet. There is a Christmas Gift idea for you.