Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8th

A year ago today we had our first prenatal appointment. It was exciting for many reasons. It was our first "fun" OB appointment in almost a year. Going to the OB office when you are trying-to-conceive is not exactly what I would describe as enjoyable. Sitting in a room full of round-bellied women when your uterus is as empty as can be can be downright excruciating, actually.  But, June 8th, I was one of those round-bellied mamas. Seriously, my pants didn't fit. I had a bump. Already. At 7 weeks pregnant. I was unbelievably nervous. I was nervous that something was wrong, because after dealing with miscarriage, that thought is always there. I was nervous that there would be twins. Five percent.  That was our chance of having twins on Clomid. Five. Percent. Dr. Wenzel looked at my progesterone level of 33 and said "Wow, that's good. Like, twins good". 

"hahahahaha", we all chuckled. "wouldn't that be interesting". 

That was moments before we saw THIS! 

I do have a regret. I regret not videotaping this moment.  Man, it was surreal. Totally, completely, life-changingly, unbelievably, holy-shit surreal. I was shaking, Brian and Logan were sitting to my left, the Ultrasound to my right, and I just looked at Dr. Wenzel's smiling face as she said "Yep, it's twins! You are having twins!".  Twins. Brian almost threw up. I laughed, and cried, and laughed some more.  Afterwards I went to the front desk to make my next appointment and I pulled out the reel of ultrasound pictures and showed them to the receptionist saying "I am having twins" and I laughed, and I cried some more. 

I called my mom first, who didn't answer, so Stacey got to be the first one to hear the announcement.  She was about a week postpartum from having Jack, so I really think she was more scared for me than anything! Telling my mom was funny, and included a few expletives. From there, everyone we told had equally amazing and hysterical responses, and honestly, next to birthing my children, telling people our news was one of the highlights of my life. 

The next time we saw our twinkies they looked like this

 And then this

 And this!
 And then like this

From this
 To this!

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