Thursday, April 22, 2010

Best way to spend my day

My little man spiked a wicked-high fever Tuesday morning. After topping off around 104, we were able to grab hold of the fever-beast and at least keep it manageable with some Motrin. That, and a whole lot of Mommy cuddles have been the past 48 hours. Yesterday was just the two of us, and we spent our time snuggled in the chair watching movies, eating breakfast and lunch in the living room, and taking a much needed nap snuggled together in bed. His fever had begun to rise shortly before nap, so I tucked him in tight, told him a story and traced the features of his face with my finger until his eyes closed and all I could hear was the sweet breath of my baby. My mom used to rub my face this same way when I was little, and I remember it being the most calm and relaxed I could ever have been. I could see the same feeling in Logan's face as he started to drift off to his nap. He slept hugging my arm, and I have to say, there is absolutely no place else I would rather have been.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Te hablo Espanol?

Logan never ceases to amaze me. Especially what comes out of his room at the end of naptime. I have heard songs. I have heard wimpers, giggles, and the quiet reading of a good book. I have heard conversations between good friends (Puppy and Mouse), and the sweet voice of my boy saying "Mommy, I waked up! And my fish waked up too!".

But yesterday after nap, I heard for the first time in my life the following coming from my boy:

"Hola! Me llamo Chicken! Mommy I need my fingernails trimmed".

I highly doubt that will be a sentence that I will ever hear again.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sometimes I just feel like I can't breathe. Like everything inside of me is swirling through to my lungs and pulling the air from within me. Sometimes things are that hard. But then, sometimes, no... always, Logan can fix it. Like this morning, as he was feeding the pretend cat that he had living in a box. He gave the kitty a block and said, "Here you go kitty, it's juicy for you!". Ah... deep breath.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


There is nothing worse than going to the OB/GYN office when you are trying to conceive a baby. That place is full of reminders that, while I am not pregnant, there are currently 8743702867 people that are. Or just had a baby. The waiting room is full of large, round bellies, glowing moms-to-be,and post-partum moms with newborns in tow. And then there is me - the one who is broken. To add injury to insult, I am sitting there on the exam table, dressed in a paper gown, and I hear the Doctor enter the room next door, turn on the doppler as loud as possible, and hear a baby heartbeat through the not-so-thick walls. Throw me a bone here, people.

But as I always do, I deal, and try to find humor in situations that I think suck. Like the fact that I currently know 25 pregnant, or recently birthed women. Twenty five. Hahahaha, I mean seriously? TWENTY FIVE.

But on a lighter note, my son gave comic relief for the day, as he usually does, by INSISTING that he wear his jammies all day. Oh, but not just any jammies. He had to wear the thickest of thick, fleece, green with Mickey Mouse in a Santa Hat Christmas jammies. It was 85 degrees out today. Needless to say, we really didn't venture outside because, let's face it, the kid looked ridiculous. Comfortable, but absolutely ridiculous.

But what made my day really special, was when I got home after 9pm and was greeted by my sweet, tired boy at the door yelling "My mommy's home! Look Daddy, Mommy is home! Mommy I found you! I found my Mommy! I missed you Mommy!". Melt.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated Easter for the first time with just our little family. Watching Logan's face when he spotted his Easter Basket, realized he was getting a second set of his favorite jammies, and discovering that there were a couple of Jelly Beans in his plastic eggs was amazing. After Easter baskets, we went to church where Logan sat like a perfect gentleman, quietly and cute. We then took a walk along the bridge by the Iowa River Power Restaurant. After brunch at IRP, we came home for a nap and later, and Egg Hunt! Logan had a blast, and it was so fun for us seeing his face light up with each treasure that he found! We ended the night snuggling on the couch before I rocked him to sleep in the dark in his room. I really soak in every minute that he lets me rock him to sleep since I know that someday... he won't let me do that anymore. Even know, he often would rather go to sleep on his own. But sometimes, when I am REALLY lucky, I can put him on my chest like I did when he was two minutes old, wrap my arms around him while he buries his face in my neck and just breathe him in.

Friday, April 2, 2010

First names

Last night Logan and I were snuggling in the big chair in the living room, and Brian went outside to put away the toys. Logan turns to me and asks:

"Hey, where did Brian go?"

Evidentally they are on a first name basis now.