Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated Easter for the first time with just our little family. Watching Logan's face when he spotted his Easter Basket, realized he was getting a second set of his favorite jammies, and discovering that there were a couple of Jelly Beans in his plastic eggs was amazing. After Easter baskets, we went to church where Logan sat like a perfect gentleman, quietly and cute. We then took a walk along the bridge by the Iowa River Power Restaurant. After brunch at IRP, we came home for a nap and later, and Egg Hunt! Logan had a blast, and it was so fun for us seeing his face light up with each treasure that he found! We ended the night snuggling on the couch before I rocked him to sleep in the dark in his room. I really soak in every minute that he lets me rock him to sleep since I know that someday... he won't let me do that anymore. Even know, he often would rather go to sleep on his own. But sometimes, when I am REALLY lucky, I can put him on my chest like I did when he was two minutes old, wrap my arms around him while he buries his face in my neck and just breathe him in.

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