Thursday, June 30, 2011

How does one respond to this?

*Logan walking in from the kitchen*

Logan: "Mommy, did you ask me to put a chocolate chip in the washing machine?"

Me: "Um, no. Logan... did you put a chocolate chip in the washing machine?"

Logan: "No, why do you ask?"

Cheese and rice kid, are you kidding me? He really keeps me on my toes.  He says stuff like "Man, mom these bugs are killing me!", and "Mommy... that just doesn't make any sense" when we want him to do something that he just isn't feeling.  He also says, "Mommy, that's just ridiculous", and probably the best from the week: "Mommy, I was investigating in the bathroom and I discovered something... I have to pee".

But then he says "Pupcake" instead of Cupcake, and he makes me melt and reminds me that, while he has a vocabulary of a college Sophomore, he is still my sweet little boy.

Le House of Butterflies

Close. Cheap. Kid friendly. Fun.

The key elements make a summer day with 4 little ones into an awesome day with 4 little ones. Even when one of them says "Mom, that toot sounded like a tuba. First I had a violin toot, then I had a tuba toot", in public. Le Sigh...

The Butterfly House is about 2 miles from Casa de McGowan. Total score! Plus, going at 10:20 am on a Wednesday meant that we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The manager there, Julie, was wicked cool and so accomodating to my little caterpillar afficionados. In fact, when Julie showed the kids the box with the caterpillars and said "Look! One of them has formed a cocoon", Logan replied "No, actually, that is a chrysalis", and Eliza chimed in "Yea lady that is a chrysalis". Oh boy was I beaming with pride.  Julie was super impressed and took this as her que to get down and dirty in the Butterfly lingo.  Did you know that certain butterflies lay eggs on specific plants? When the eggs hatch, and the caterpillar emerges, that same plant is the only plant that can be used as a source of food for the little guy, and as a home for the chrysalis it will form. Amazing right? Man, we learned a lot yesterday.

We were also lucky enough to spot a gigantic Monarch caterpillar outside the House. We were told that if we return on Tuesday, we could probably see him in his next stage. Julie was super impressed at how well-behaved, good listeners Logan and Eliza were. (*cough*Good thing she didn't know about our hour and 15 minute escapade to get out the door *cough*).  She invited us back as often as we would like, and I am certain I will take her up on that offer!

The kids were equally as thrilled to see the Koi pond fully stocked with bright orange, hungry fish, and the cutest little Lilly Pads you ever did see.  Actually, perhaps I was more excited than they were.  We fed the ravenous fish, did a few laps around the nursery, and were home in time for lunch. Success.

Now, for the proof.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yesterday I attempted an outing.  I have gone on outings with all my kids before (all 4 including Eliza).  Generally this isn't an issue.  Obviously leaving the house with 4 kids 3-years and younger isn't a "wash and go" kind of task, but most often, we are out the door in 20 minutes.  This usually includes shoes and hats, sunscreen, a topped off coffee mug for mama, a dual nursing session for the wee-ones, last minute check to make sure everything (and everyone) is accounted for, and then the strategic car seat loading. I need to take video of this sometime. It's an art, really.  Or maybe a science? Probably both.

Back to yesterday.... We had grand plans for a Target run, and then a picnic lunch at a park.  Easy peasy right? Doesn't require that much gear, no biggie? Yea, ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES. That is the amount of time it took to get us out the door. Let me break it down for you:

9:00 Logan attempts to eat breakfast
9:02 Logan spots Eliza playing with his toy. Logan runs to Eliza.
9:03 Logan resumes breakfast.
9:05 "Eliza, please clean up your work" Eliza: "NO!"
9:06 I finally get a sip of my coffee.
9:08 Logan is singing. While singing, he is NOT eating breakfast. "Logan, please eat your breakfast".
9:10 Massive poop from Parker
9:15 "Logan please eat your breakfast"
9:20 "Eliza, please clean up your work"
9:21 "Mom, I am done with my breakfast"
9:22 - 9:32 Logan washes hands
9:32 I realize Logan is STILL washing his hands - "Logan you are done washing your hands!"
9:33 "Eliza, you need to put your work away now, please!", Eliza "I see a bird!"
9:33 1/2 I refill my coffee mug. Which is now empty.
9:34-9:55 Logan changes his jammies into shorts and shirt... At the speed of one article of clothing every two minutes.
9:56 Parker poops
9:57 Parker in car seat
9:58 Fight to get Wrigley in the house. Unsuccessful. Decide to leave the damn dog outside. Think of the wording in my head for his listing on Craigslist. Deciding I may need to lower his price. Blue-light special, $4.50.
9:59 Logan has to go to the bathroom. Eliza took OFF her shoes to go see a bird. Out the window. In the other room.
10:00 I am threatening NOT going.
10:01 Finally have shoes and hats on - get Cooper in car seat, and Logan and Eliza IN the van.
10:01-10:05 FOUR minutes listening to Eliza and Logan argue over who should climb into their seats first.
10:05 I consider a margarita.
10:06 Cooper poops. Buckle in Logan and Eliza in car seats.
10:07-10:11 change poopy diaper whilst listening to Logan and Eliza fighting "YES!". "NO!". "YES!". "NO!".
10:11 I consider purchasing earplugs at Target.
10:12 Cooper in car seat.
10:13 Refill my coffee mug. Close all doors to van.
10:14 Logan screams that he dropped his book. Re-open back door to van. Retrieve book. Re-close van.
10:15 Finally backing out of driveway, Logan and Eliza are singing "ABC's".

And... scene.

Thankfully that doesn't happen quite like that on the regular.  Come August, Logan will start preschool, and I will be adding a FIFTH child to the van-car-seat-equation.  Please, send prayers (and wine) for me. And most specifically, for my sanity.

On the upside, Parker has discovered a new "fake cough" which is pretty freaking cute. It almost makes up for the lack of sleeping the twin-duo are managing to accomplish at night. But, that is a topic for a different day.  I do, however, have a teeny video with the fake coughing... and a little happy Cooper.

Today we went to a Butterfly House which was awesome. I do believe that will become a weekly trip. Close, quiet, and free. Boo-yah!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big 'ol Noggin

Here's an interwebz happy dance for my sweet Cooper's big HEALTHY and NORMAL head. Go Cooper, it's your birthday! Actually, no, it's not, but I was so excited that I did, in fact, sing that to the boy.  The ultrasound was calm, and Cooper was a treat. Seriously, he smiled and giggled the entire time. Happiest. Baby. Ever.  The Technician left the room and I am pretty sure I held my breath until her return, in which she announced "Everything looks great, you guys can go". Um, huh? Brian and I kind of stood there looking at each other for a few minutes to make sure we heard correctly, and her statement wasn't going to be followed by "Gotcha! Your baby needs surgery", or something along those lines. Nope, she said that his brain is completely healthy, no extra fluid, everything is perfect and we were done. Bless the sweet Lord.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Virtual Garage Sale!

You need it? I probably have it. 

Destash of baby stuff. Three kids are expensive, yo. Plus, my house is getting smaller by the minute. I will ship for an extra so if you see something you just gotta have, give me a shout-out! 
4 Tommee Tippee bottles $5 each (never been used)
Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags, never opened 50 Count $10
Medela Steam Bags (4 count) $3
Two Eddie Bauer Deluxe Roller Shade (2) $15
Two pairs of 0-3 mth khaki shoes, never worn $4 (tags still on)
One pair of brown Corduroy Gymboree shoes size 2 $10 (tags on)
Robeez, 18-24 months, never worn $15 (in package)
Goodmama's - all in EXCELLENT condition $19 each
Fitted, pockets, (random WAHM) $4 each
FuzziBunz L $7
GAD Medium Husky (Brown with pink) $4
Fleece Soakers $4 each
Training underpants, never worn, $5
10 random doublers and inserts, cotton, fleece, and obv $4 for lot
Recycled Wool Longies $7
Knit wool cover (pinks) gift condition, $9
2 Large gPants and shells, $5 each

I also have a Kettler High chair $30, a Wendy Bellissimo Umbrella Stroller same style as Maclaren stroller - $50, bouncy seat, $20

Additionally I have TUBS of boys clothing and maternity clothing. Pretty much everything 50 cents to $1.

I also have a beautiful, furry, man's best friend, automatic mess maker.  He goes by the name Wrigley. He will offer hours of entertainment producing screeching howling, will step on your toes when you are sure to not have sock or shoes on, will eat out of the bathroom garbage, and will lick your small children's faces. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6 Months and Some Guac

6 Months Old. Does that sound old to you? It sound very un-infantlike to me. On June 13th, Brian and I reminisced about the happenings of December 13th, and how it all went down. We've come a long way, babies. The first 5 months are all about boobs, poop, and hoping for sleep.  I mean, no other time in your life will you discuss the happenings of poop as much as you will when you are a parent.  It's funny too because you can find yourself openly discussing doody with just about anyone, assuming they are also a parent. Don't make the mistake of discussing poop with your unmarried, non-father, 20-something, male neighbor because he may just look at you like you have gone over to the dark side. I don't know from experience or anything, I would assume this is the case. Just sayin'. 

Where were we? Ah, yes, Guac! No wait, what? We weren't there yet. 

So honestly, the best way to feed your baby on the cheap is making your own food for the wee-one. It's not hard, it's not all that time consuming, and for serious, it will save you millions. Okay, maybe not millions, but probably hundreds! 

So just as with the big kid that lives here, (Logan, not Brian) we fed the babies avocado as their first real food. The jury is still out on whether they enjoyed it.  I believe it may have had a bit too much texture for them, so we added a little breastmilk, a scoop of some organic brown rice cereal and we were in business. 

A pictorial of the event. 

Parker is ready...

Cooper looks frightened...

This kid slays me. 

We have since moved onto oatmeal and sweet potatoes and the babies see those bowls coming and are smacking their little twin lips.  These babies like to eat. 

Onto the 6 Month Photo Shoot, otherwise referred to as "get-the-babies-to-sit-still-for-two-freaking-seconds-no-wait-it's-just-not-gonna-happen-so-Lindsay-just-give-up-and-pick-the-least-blurry-one Photo Shoot". Okay, so it hasn't actually been referred to as that, but that is how I will remember it. 

And here is the proof. 

And that's a wrap.