Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am really not sure how we have gotten this far already, but the babies are ready for some food. In fact, whenever we are eating, they are eyeballing it like nobody's business. So, alas, we busted out the bibs, baby spoons, babywipes (for cleanup, of course), and I found an organic brown rice cereal that I like.  I didn't know if we would even go the rice cereal route with the twins, as we barely did with Logan.  However, much to my chagrin, I decided it would be a nice test to see if the babies would even like anything other than breastmilk.  The cereal I found has pre and probiotics in it, along with DHA and Omega-3's, so worst case scenario they get some vitamins outta the ordeal. Brain-food people. Win.

Low and behold, they enjoyed. Bon appetit!

It was a hit.  So today we went to New Pioneer Co-op and got some yummy veggies and fruits to make some purees.  I made all of Logan's babyfood and found it to be super easy, and super fun.  Plus, the kid will eat pretty much anything now, so I think it was a wise choice. 

My mom got me the Beaba Babycooker when I was pregnant with the twins, and my friend Destinee got me the matching freezer pods. Good people, they are. Time to get to work! 

Parker and Cooper will be dining on fresh avocado-breastmilk smoothies tonight, which will require no cooking, pureeing, steaming or jar opening.  Just cut and smash.  Baby guacamole. Ole! 

But to prepare for the next few weeks, I whipped up some sweet potatoes, acorn squash, mango, and pears. For $1.27 (the price of one organic LARGE sweet potato) I got the equivalent of 8 jars of baby food. 

Step one, peel. Step two, dice. Step three, steam. Step four, puree (IN THE SAME CONTAINER!). Step five, freeze.  This machine is so awesome that it also defrosts and heats the purees. If only it could do the dishes and put away laundry 
I would marry it. 

How yummy does this look? The taste was amazing. Naturally sweet, vibrant color, smooth and creamy.  

Easy peasy, lemon squeezey.

Happy dining bambinos! 

(Avocado pictures to follow)

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