Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6 Months and Some Guac

6 Months Old. Does that sound old to you? It sound very un-infantlike to me. On June 13th, Brian and I reminisced about the happenings of December 13th, and how it all went down. We've come a long way, babies. The first 5 months are all about boobs, poop, and hoping for sleep.  I mean, no other time in your life will you discuss the happenings of poop as much as you will when you are a parent.  It's funny too because you can find yourself openly discussing doody with just about anyone, assuming they are also a parent. Don't make the mistake of discussing poop with your unmarried, non-father, 20-something, male neighbor because he may just look at you like you have gone over to the dark side. I don't know from experience or anything, I would assume this is the case. Just sayin'. 

Where were we? Ah, yes, Guac! No wait, what? We weren't there yet. 

So honestly, the best way to feed your baby on the cheap is making your own food for the wee-one. It's not hard, it's not all that time consuming, and for serious, it will save you millions. Okay, maybe not millions, but probably hundreds! 

So just as with the big kid that lives here, (Logan, not Brian) we fed the babies avocado as their first real food. The jury is still out on whether they enjoyed it.  I believe it may have had a bit too much texture for them, so we added a little breastmilk, a scoop of some organic brown rice cereal and we were in business. 

A pictorial of the event. 

Parker is ready...

Cooper looks frightened...

This kid slays me. 

We have since moved onto oatmeal and sweet potatoes and the babies see those bowls coming and are smacking their little twin lips.  These babies like to eat. 

Onto the 6 Month Photo Shoot, otherwise referred to as "get-the-babies-to-sit-still-for-two-freaking-seconds-no-wait-it's-just-not-gonna-happen-so-Lindsay-just-give-up-and-pick-the-least-blurry-one Photo Shoot". Okay, so it hasn't actually been referred to as that, but that is how I will remember it. 

And here is the proof. 

And that's a wrap. 


  1. Wow Can't believe they are 6 months already. Parker is looking more and more like his big brother and Cooper just gets more handsome every time I see a picture of him. You have 3 beautiful boys!

  2. Awwwww... These are great pictures, Lindsay! Are they holding hands in that shot? So cute!!!!
    I loved the shots of them eating too. How fun! Looking forward to starting Carson on some food next week some time, I think. That's when he turns 6 months! Crazy how fast time goes!