Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Night in the McGowan house

Me: "I feel like if we just had one baby, we would be bored..."

Brian: "Well, I'd be sitting down".

He's gotta point.

It was dinner time, and I had just gotten back from my first outside run since the babies were born. I am not gonna lie, I almost threw up. But, you have to start back somewhere. So I am still in my running garb and sat at the table next to Logan and this was our conversation:

Logan: "Mommy, did you know that we do not wear jackets in the house?"

Me: "Well, Logan, this is a sweatshirt, not a jacket."

Logan: "Well, Mommy, it looks like a jacket, and we don't wear jackets in this house. If I tell you it's a jacket, it's a jacket, and if I tell you we don't wear jackets in the house you just need to listen to me."

Um... hmmmm...

And just now, I look over and see this:

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