Friday, May 27, 2011

Life - and the first ever GIVEAWAY!

Photos courtesy of The Locket and Jill Marie Photography

I love photographs.  I love black and white images. And I love them all over the place.  This wall has changed and morphed throughout the past five years.  First this wall illustrated the love-story of May 27, 2006 with the artistic and amazing photographs from Gehman Photography.  Best money I ever spent.  About 18 months later, this wall was covered in sweet newborn baby smirks, puckered lips, and bright blue eyes with the longest eye lashes you ever did see.  Now, well, after adding frames to the collage, this wall shows our family in a way I never expected. Three boys. I stare at this wall on the regular, and marvel STILL that we have twins.  That we have three kids. About how much has changed in the past five years.  This is our life. Sleeping babies. Sweet smiles. Eyelashes. This is in the center of our home, which makes sense, since these three are the center of our worlds.

Where is the center of your home? What exhibits "Life" in your family? Announcing My Project Mommyhood's first ever GIVEAWAY! Three ways to enter: Here in the comments, email me at, or on Facebook. Tell me, or show me, where "Life" happens in your home. One winner will be chosen at random via and will receive a yummy gift basket with some of my favorite Method products. Why you ask? Because Method dish soap in Clementine is my new favorite smell... well, next to the smell of babies out of the bath.  You have until Tuesday, May 31st to enter!


  1. The center of our home on Saturday mornings is in our bed. Gray walks in with his sleepy eyes and we all snuggle and watch cartoons while talking about our week and the week to come. :)

  2. DawnP-jan08mamasMay 27, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    The center of our day is at dinner time. That's when the older boys can tell us how school went ( or what was the new thing they thought up, to build out of lego's). Greg will also tell us what he did in speech with Ms. Jennifer that day.

  3. The center of our home is a wall in our master bedroom. We have a collage much like yours that we love to discuss each picture. Many Saturdays we all curl up in bed and talk about the pictures and our week, before heading down to make homemade pancakes for breakfast.

  4. In our brand new (to us) home, life happens in the dining room. We finally have a table big enough for all four of us, and we can eat in peace, with no tv, toys, or messes distracting us. The girls feed one another from their plates, and Brian and I get to talk to each other AND look at each other, often for the first time all day. When we talked about our favorite things about our new home, I said the dining room! I love that it brings my family together.

  5. Ours is the kitchen. The three of us cook dinner together most nights. We love sharing our love of food with our son and just being together. Jack is taking after Andy and is very into cooking. His wife will thank me someday:).