Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was calm, and spent the way it should be; being a mama.  My mom came to visit in time for soccer on Thursday, and the rest of the weekend was go-with-the-flow-enjoy-the-kids-and-gelato type of weekend. I love those. 

We had some Cub's fans.
 An excited Parker in a socially-conscious onesie.
 A Mother's Day gift for Grandma.

Some flower picking. 

The first Swimsuit wear of the season.

Some jammie-pant-hats.

A sweet three-year-old ready for brunch. 

A self-portrait with some baby heads. 



Giving a lesson about jars and lids to friends. 
 A cutie by the lake.

Playing at the park.
 Anticipating the slide.

 A Mother's Day gift. 

A beautiful view.
 A mommy and the kids who made her one.
 A smooch. 

A Soccer Player. 

 Farmer's Market, and pink trees.
 A gorgeous weekend. 

Twinkies in a tub.
 Blooming clearance tulips. 

Celebrate Moms, and all that Moms do. 

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