Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Months Old

The McGowan Wonder-Twins are 5 Months Old! Not sure if you know this, but that is almost 6 Months Old, which is half a year. Half. A. Year. How did this happen? This is going so fast.

My 5 month old twinkies are pretty much spending their days being fabulous. They wake up between 7 and 7:30, normally having to be woken up. Parker still wakes with a smile, while Cooper wakes up wanting a boob immediately, or else! After a morning nursing session, they get dressed for the day, and play for a little while and watch the older kids play. Parker usually falls asleep on the playmat for a short, morning nap, and Cooper is usually shortly following, however, needs a soft bouncy seat or, preferably, mama's lap to take a snooze. Both boys nap periodically throughout the day, and are still nursing on demand. People ask how many ounces they take in a day, and honestly, I cannot even begin to take a guess. I do know that they are both around 14lbs per the very scientific weighing calculations of Daddy stepping on the scale while holding a boy. They both go down for bed between 10pm and 11pm, after their last feeding, and their still consistent 24 k/cal bottle packed with breast milk, human milk fortifier, vitamins, and probiotics. Here's to healthy babies. Parker generally sleeps until morning, but Cooper occasionally wakes between 4 and 6:30 for a quick snack, and goes right back to sleep. I will take it.

Parker loves to roll around, bounce in the Jumperoo, sit up (still assisted), and be held. He loves car rides, smooches, chin tickles, and his big brothers.

Cooper prefers to chill. While he can roll over... he generally doesn't. He loves to snuggle and be held, go on walks, and will sometimes like to jump in the Jumperoo. He loves his paci, sucking on Parker's fist, people looking at him, and his mama.

Both babies have very different personalities, and I truly find it amazing watching them interact. They are beginning to seek each other out - and love to be next to each other on the floor. They almost always hold hands, and this is something that will never get old for me.

In just a few short weeks, these boys will be 6 months old. Something about 6 months old just seems like such a turning point. So much happens between 6 and 12 months, and just being on the opposite side of 6 months will undoubtedly make me weapy. I am looking forward to making their baby food, just as I did with Logan. We will wait until at least 6 months to start, but I believe Parker certainly will be ready. We will start with Avocado and see where we go from there!

The best part about 5 months? Dual baby giggles. Enough said.


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