Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Birthday

Tomorrow, Logan will celebrate his first birthday party with "school friends".  He is stoked, and so are we (I am about a million times more stoked that I decided against hosting 15 preschoolers at my house - brief moment of insanity thinking that).  Since Monday was his actual birthday, we celebrated him.  He picked out his outfit for school.

We made cake pops for his classmates and teachers. 

And I tried REALLY hard to get some giggle that fake smile off my child's face. 

He is four. He's like a boy now. A kid boy. Not a baby boy, or a toddler boy. 

He got a present in the mail from "auntie" Stacey, Ben, and Jack. 
They always have a knack for gifts arriving on the very right day. 

Sounding out the words on the card. 

Fake smile alert. 

This is him saying "Mommy are you done yet with the camera?". Not a chance, kid. 

This was his "what the cat?!" face.

He loves it. In fact, he kissed it. 

We put the babies to bed, and shared some Mommy-Daddy-Logan time with our guy. 

Then we ate some cake.

And Logan found his present. 

And he loved it so much. 

Happy Birthday Logan. We love you!

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