Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Christmas last year was not anything that I ever imagined it would be.  First of all, we had twins, and that wasn't anything I ever imagined in a realm of possibilities in my life.  Mostly, though Christmas spent in the NICU is sad.  So, I had very high hopes for Christmas this year! I was envisioning all three boys coming downstairs on our faux-Christmas morning (since we would be spending actual Christmas in Wisconsin) in their jammies and our living room floor being covered in oodles of wrapping paper while Brian and I drank coffee and watched the boys play. Well, not so much.  This vision was soon squashed by vomiting one-year-olds. Dang.

So we did Christmas in parts.  In the end, Christmas was wonderful because it was spent with the most important people in my life. Despite the chaos, travel, sickness, stress, etc. yadda yadda, I wouldn't trade it.

                              The first part was with Logan, while the sickies slept off the sickiness.

Checking out Buddy the Elf just "hanging out". 

This kid wasted no time turning on his LeapPad. 

We loaded and charged it up before we wrapped it, so it was ready to rock from the start! 

Clearly, Mommy was way more excited about smelly markers than Logan.

This is his "Oh. Em. Gee" face. He got contstruction jammies. 

Look at the that box lid is getting!

In response to the garbage truck "I always wanted this forever and ever and all the days!". 

The Twinkies are better and ready to open. 

Christmas Take Two!
Grandma and Grandpa's House in Wisconsin. 

This is life with twins. Right here. 

I know, I just snapped photos instead of saving my poor child from his little brother. 

Christmas Take Three! 

Grandma and Grandpa Stone's House!

We had such a great visit. 

Getting ready for Santa! 

These are our best attempts at a photo of all three kids. Really, boys? Really?

Cooper says "It's Christmas!"

Logan following in his mama's footsteps.

Christmas at Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's House. This will be the last holiday in this house. 
Sad face.

Cousins! (Okay, second-cousins by marriage, but no need to be technical)

What a great holiday, and a very far cry from how we spent Christmas last year! 

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