Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yep, I am aware that this post should have been written about two months ago.  I am going to have to play the busy card, okay?

When Logan was little, he was the healthiest guy.  Still is actually, and I just assumed we made that kind of kid.

Not so much.  Not that the twins aren't healthy, they are! But they have typical germ catching abilities.  I am now realizing that Logan had kind of been super-human in his germ-fightingness.

The poor twinkies, being premies, generally have the odds stacked against them in regards to immune systems. These two were also wee-little-lads at birth, which means their parts are also little.  particularly their ears.

At 6 months old, the twinkies spiked fevers which basically was a giant flashing sign above their heads saying "EAR INFECTIONS!".  Surely-do, they both had double ear infections. That is two babies, times two infections, which equals four infected ears. Fast forward a few months and we rinsed and repeated this about 5 or 6 times. So, to be frugal with numbers, that would be about 20 infected ears in just a few months. Welcome to the ENT, boys.

It was evident that these guys would benefit from some ear tubes to help that fluid move and drain. Poor Parker was losing weight, and Cooper was yet to babble, and Brian and I knew that all of these issues were directly related to their ears.  So we found our guys a well-recommended ENT, got Grandma to come watch over big brother, and we headed in early morning in late October with two sweet boys and four infected ears. Yes, again.

Gowned up.

 It was like 5:30 am. I think they were wondering why they weren't in bed, and moreso, why on God's green Earth would I not let them have a boob. (Surgery = no nursing, yikes). 

Parker is ready for some relief. 

Little tagged cankles. 

I had been told by doctors and parents alike that this surgery was easy-peasy. In and out. Bada-bing-bada-boom. And I knew this, but something about passing your baby off to an Anesthesiologist, who administers anesthesia to MY BABY can just be a little bit like a kick in the gut.  But, I knew they were in good hands, and I knew I would see them in mere minutes, and I knew that in the grand scheme of surgeries this was like the paper-cut of surgeries. No big deal. 

And just as they had assured, 10 minutes after Cooper was carried away, he was back in my arms and ready to nurse. 

And about 5 minutes later Parker was back too. 

And not too happy. 

But this was them later that day. Surgery really took a toll on them, huh? 


And since then, these boys are eating, babbling, talking, walking, thriving, and can HEAR. 

So anyone questioning the decision about getting tubes - DO IT. We tried all of the natural, holistic, options first. We did everything we were "supposed" to do to minimize ear infection risk. We tried chiropractic.  We were confident in our decision and I am so glad that we were. 

Our next health hurdle is the allergist. Tomorrow. Poor Parker is allergic to this:

Damnit. This has really thrown me a major parenting curveball.  Using the words "anaphylactic" and "my kid" in the same sentence really sucks.  But, I am prepared for tomorrow. We will meet with this guy, and I will inundate him with every question I have and, hopefully, will be able to easy my panic-stricken-mommy-self and instead be armed and confident about being able to handle this.  In the mean time, 
just say no!

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