Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Morning" sickness...

The term "Morning Sickness" is a joke. A big, fat, stinky joke. There is nothing about my all-day sweating and dry heaving that is resigned to the morning. This morning sickness is so much worse than what I had with Logan! I guess you get what you ask for! I did beg for this since it would mean that I am pregnant, and that my hormones are good and strong and so should be the baby. But, geez man.


  1. Yes!!!! I didn't know you were expecting. Awesome news!!!! Morning sickness (all-day sickness) was rough on me, but I can only imagine what you are going through since you have to stay awake and alert with Logan and your other day care kids. Good luck, good news is that it should (hopefully) end soon!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Yep, due in January (again!). We are very excited! Ultrasound pictures to come on Tuesday!