Thursday, June 24, 2010


My son has to be the cuddliest child I have ever met. Seriously, this kid could hug all day. I should count sometime, but if I had to guess how many smooches I get from my boy in one day I would bet it is between 20 and 30. Easy. I adore this quality of my sweet son because it means that I get to hold him, close my eyes, and soak him in as much as possible. His new thing during a smooch is to squeeze my cheeks with his little hands and smooch my lips. The best part? When he squeezes my cheeks he says "Mommy I grab a your chicks!". Oh swoon...

Another of my favorite qualities of my boy is his pure innocence when it comes to people and friends. He knows that the daycare kids are his friends. He knows that Nolan, and Brock and Jaiden are his friends. He knows that Jack and Jack are his friends! But the sweetest thing is when we are at the mall, and he sees a child crying, he will say "Mommy, that friend is sad". Or he will see a kid outside and say "Mommy, that friend is riding a big bike!". Everyone is a friend. Pure innocence. Maybe we should all think like a two-year-old.

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