Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall: part one

It's easy to fall in love with fall. The crisp air, kids in cute hats, apple crisp, and pumpkin spice lattes... What's not to love?

But the best part is loving on some family time. Note: I dig cute hats on cute kids. Also note: none of these photos have been edited, so I apologize, but I have no. time. none.
Pumpkin farm in WI

The best Grandparents

Mucho gracias to whomever invented the Ergo

 Farmer's Market

A boy picking a flower for his mommy, and going to great lengths to do so.

An awesome Saturday lunch in the PedMall with sweet babies in our laps.

And sweet kid by our sides

Enjoying music

Really enjoying it, even when you are three

I am fairly certain he would have sat listening to this all afternoon. I could have watched him listen all afternoon. 

The excitement of a caterpillar who turned into a chrysalis

The Apple Orchard with a bestie and brothers

And he's...


More to come. This is just the first half...

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