Friday, November 11, 2011


I was a tad overly excited for Halloween this year. Why you ask? Well, because there was a large amount of fleece and felt covered costumes in the closet just waiting to be paraded around our neighborhood.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

First we carved pumpkin and roasted the seeds. The "guts" of the pumpkin wasn't something Logan was going to go near with a ten-foot pole, but the roasted seeds? Gobble gobble.

The fun stuff.

The bags are ready to go.

Do you think they could ever all look at me at the same time?

Just once?

Come on, boys, seriously?

No looking? Okay fine. You're still cute.

Cooper could not look more like big brother in this picture. After all, this was Logan's first costume!

My yummy cheeseburger.

And the Punkiest Monkey, evah.

Parker is saying "GIVE ME CANDY!" Or maybe he was saying "GIVE ME BOOBIE!"

Now this is a good dad.

We happened upon a pretty princess. 

We like her.

First stop, the neighbor's house.

Only on Halloween can you get a group photo with a princess, a cheeseburger, 
Captain America, and the Green Lantern

Logan looks like he has some serious business to get to.

At this house, Logan was weighing his options. Candy.... scary thing on the porch... 
candy.... scary thing on the porch.

He faced it and got the candy. Smart move since this house gave out 
FULL SIZED BARS! score. Our boy had his first ever Reese's PB cup. 

Cooper was fine just snacking on his bag.

Okay seriously, this photo has too much cute. We ran into two of our neighbors who
 also happen to love puffy fleece costumes. and wagons.  

This is Eliza's cousin, and I must say, she was the cutest bee. 

Fun, fun night.  I love Halloween with kids.  Logan is already planning his costume for next year. 
He wants to be a chicken! Bauk bauk! 

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