Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear Logan

Dear Logan,

This year you have become a kid.  I can't call you a toddler anymore because you are now this hybrid-cross between my sweet baby who got big while I turned my back for a sliver of a moment, and a big boy. You are strong and fierce sometimes. You are confident and passionate.  You are also sweet, and understanding. perceptive and gentle.  You are testing boundaries, testing people, and learning about the world around you and while you sometimes make Daddy and I crazy, you always make us insanely proud. Completely, without a doubt, over-the-moon-in-love proud. You are quirky. You love things done a certain way and if anyone "gets that" it is me.  You remember everything, EVERYTHING, and you are so smart. You say stuff like "Saturn has 62 moon, and you know what mommy?! We had pineapple for snack today". Does it get more innocent than that?  I love learning through you. and from you, which I do every minute of every day.  You, Parker and Cooper have taught me how to be humble, patience, and purpose.  You have taught me how to live the most purposeful life. I watch you with your brothers and see in your eyes how much you love them.  This morning, when Parker woke you up by patting your head, you opened your sweet, sleepy eyes and said "aw, good morning Parker, you little sweetheart!".  True love. I have it. I love you with all that I am.

You are amazing.

Discovering the caterpillar 

Telling me about how a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis


I don't remember what he was telling me about here, but it was serious business.

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