Sunday, November 13, 2011

11 Months

I refused to elude to the fact that these boys of mine were turning 11 months old until today.  Up until last night at 11:59 pm, they were 10 months.  Technically, they were, but some people *cough* Brian *cough like to jump the gun when it comes to the Twinkies "Monthdays" and has been referring to them as 11 months old for over a week. A WEEK! Nope, not having it.

These boys are turning into people with opinions, and major personalities. They have likes and dislikes.  They have routines and facial expressions, and noises that I know from across a crowded room.  They are sleeping better, especially since getting ear tubes (more on that coming soon). They eat pretty much whatever we eat, and especially love sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato soup, and apples.  Cooper loves to feed himself, while Parker prefers to be fed. They are both still nursing exclusively (as in seriously refusing to take a bottle) and love to snuggle.  When Parker nurses, he grabs hold of part of my shirt and wraps it around his fist. Every time. It is like he is anchoring himself.  Cooper has more of a wandering limb and usually ends up smacking me in the face a few times.

They both fall asleep in the car, love to be in their strollers, and love Target.  They fit in this family just fine... 

Parker was mad I took the iPhone away. Maybe he was in the middle of a game of Angry Birds.

And yes. That is spit-up on Cooper's shirt. 

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