Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Parker

Dear Parker,

People ask where we came up with Punky, and first of all, you are just a punky. You just are. But if I really need to have an answer, this name came from the NICU when the nurses would refer to you as "Spunky".  You were a teeny tiny body with giant eyes and a loud voice, and my dear sweet boy you are still the loudest little voice up in here. You smile with your eyes, which is amazing because when the rest of your face is also smiling you can light up a room so bright that sometimes I feel my heart skipping a beat. Your smiles are so unbelieveably genuine that it melts me.  You are generally calm.  You love to be held, and talked to. You love to people-watch, and play. You do not like feeding yourself, diaper changes, or being in any situations that are new.  You are not patient.  You are fiery. You see something you want (like your brother's toy) and will go after it with confidence, and I know that you will be a strong person.  Your body is small and delicate, and you easily still fit in the crook of my arm.  When you nurse you wrap your hand around the fabric of my shirt like you are putting down an anchor. I think it is as much a comfort to me as it is to you.  Even sitting here typing this, I can feel the softness of your eyelashes as your head rests on my shoulder and I know, for as long as I am living, I will remember what your tiny body feels like resting calm on my chest.  You are the typical "baby" of the family, and I am overflowing with excitement to discover through the three of you boys what the dynamic of our family will be.  I love you with all that I am.

You are amazing.

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  1. Punky, you are so handsome. I want to smootch on your cheeks. I love the pics with his lower lip sucked in. So sweet!