Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He leaves the nest.

After it taking me 2 months to start to get caught up on posts, I FINALLY wrote this one yesterday... only for it to be sucked up somewhere into the interwebz.  I may have muttered some expletives in my head. 

Logan: "Mommy, do you have a photo shoop tonight?"

When my boy asks, "Mommy, how did your photo shoop go tonight" I get all melty. I am watching my baby turn into an inquisitive, kind and thoughtful person, and that makes me proud.

These "shoops" are why I am about a million years behind on the blog. Ick. I hate feeling like unfinished projects are floating over my head like one of those mini rain-clouds. I can almost hear the thunder. But thankfully, due to recent happenings (like the babies finally getting into a nap routine and going to bed at 7:30 - can I get a HALLELUJAH!), I have minimum a few hours per day where there is not a mini-person attached to me. That also includes the middle of the night, but I will take what I can get.

This fall, I sent my baby boy off to War College Preschool!  To say this was a challenge for me is an understatement.  I wasn't worried about his learning ability, or his social skills. I wasn't worried about separation anxiety (his, not mine), or him not liking it.  I wasn't worried about the teachers, or the other kids, or even the germs (except, holy crap, preschool germs are vile and mutant and linger for frickin' MONTHS!). I felt prepared for all of this.  What I didn't feel prepared for was knowing that now, once he leaves my hand and heads into that school, that's it.  He will be in school for the rest of his childhood. Might as well be for the rest of time because our time of being the sole influence in his life is over.  Perhaps I am over-analyzing, but think about this for a minute?!  For almost four years Brian and I have had complete control over what Logan has been exposed to. To give that up is just... well, it felt weird.  It doesn't anymore, two months in, and this new routine has become so normal.  Plus, to see my boy thrive and learn, and love something that is just his to experience is amazing to me.  I know he loves it there, and that has been the driving force to stuff my inner-control-freak into the bottom of my Converse.

Another note: even though I already wrote this post yesterday, then lost it, it is amazing to me that I really have no recollection of what I wrote, and can guarantee this post is so completely different from the rogue post. Hmm... It really is interesting how a different day really gives different perspective. 

Anywho, back to my boy! I am not going to lie. I cried. Yep, who wants to provide me with Xanax when this kid goes to Kindergarten? Even worse, when the twins go to Kindergarten? Perhaps we will just need to have another baby then. (wink wink, McGowan)

Backpack ready to go

Little brothers ready for the big send off! 

Customary front door photos!

Peeking in his new school. Love the anticipation. 

He's ready to rock this. 

Found his hook with his name on it.

Didn't even hesitate for a second. Got right to work. 

This work turned into good 'ol trusty for the first month or so. 
Living vs. Non-living. 

And, because I wanted to, photos from Preschool Day #2. 

He is just growing up so fast. 

Logan, I love your face. 

We have all enjoyed this new chapter is Logan's life. Plus, thankfully for great friends and neighbors who stand guard at the van with my pre-Preschool crew, it isn't a half hour loading and unloading, buckling and unbuckling extravaganza. 

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  1. Congratulations, Linds! This is a big day for you, too. And Logan has to be one of the most adorable pre-schoolers, ever. :)