Wednesday, October 5, 2011


To say I am behind in posting is an understatement. I digress.

I turned 30 a couple months ago. Is it just me, or do "the twenties" feel like they last a least a century? I mean, reflecting at who I was at 20, and now at 30... barely recognizable in all ways.  I for sure know I looked more well rested at twenty, and my boobs were far perkier. I was entering my third year of college at Iowa, and was just about to start dating Brian. (No, not that Brian... no, not that Brian... no, not that Brian... YES, the 4th Brian that I dated. in. a. row).  I was living in a three bedroom cockroach and spider infested apartment with Jenny and Stacey.  I worked as a nanny, drove a Chevy Beretta (in mint green, I know you're jealous), and was head-over-heels in love with my business courses.

So here I am. Ten years later. A husband, dog, house, and three kids later.  To be honest, my life is pretty much exactly how I had imagined. Well, minus having twins, because if someone would have asked me at age 20 if I thought I would have twins someday I would have laughed in their face and probably gone to take a nap.  Note: I napped in college. A lot. Probably my body knowing how much I would NOT sleep in my thirties.

So back to my birthday! Brian was stellar cool and surprised me with some of my favorite people, my favorite summertime beer, and some yummy food and fun.  Love that man. On my actual birthday, we took our first family trip to my numero uno favorite restaurant The Atlas where, on your birthday, you get a free meal.  We aren't talking a $6 burger. We are talking about a $30 steak. HELLO! yum. We followed dinner with some ice cream, swooning at how cute are kids are, and frolicking through downtown Iowa City. Okay, Logan frolicked, I took pictures, and Brian pushed the stroller.  Oh, and the best part? It was like 70 degrees.  Yea. For mid-July in Iowa that was like heaven on earth.

The proof.

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