Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To-do list

I am in a home-imrovementy type of mode, but as I mentioned to a few friends, I haz no money. Sooooo.... I have been wandering around my house looking for stuff to change/fix/move/redecorate on the cheap.  I started with the toy storage area in the living room and added an IKEA storage unit. I am seriously loving on this thing. (notice the sleeping dog's paws).

About a month ago I got a wild hair to paint our front door.  I love the end result of painting, but hate the task, so I was more than thrilled when our good friend, neighbor, (and professional painter) offered to paint said door. Hell to the yea. So tonight our dingy 5-year-old front door will go from blah white to HELLO! Quixotic Plum. Enchanting sound to it, don't ya think?

Brian is itching, seriously itching to finish the back yard.  He wants to pour a patio and do some stone work around the deck.  I am not kidding when I say he is itching - he is found numerous times a week wandering around the back yard plotting out the patio with the garden hose. I believe this will be our next "big project".  Up to now I have dictated most of our home improvement projects,  so I do believe it is time Mr. McGowan has his day in the sun.

Today, however, I decided that I want to paint our kitchen cabinets white.  Our fireplace is white, and since the kitchen is on the opposite end, and currently a boring oak, I really think that white will be fabulous. I am not worried about the maintenance of white, since as it is, I currently clean the cabinets at least once a week anyways.

But today the projects will wait. Today my job is Holder of Sleeping Babies.

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  1. You should totally paint your cabinets white. I love a white kitchen! I must be in the same mode...with a little sawing and staple gun-ing, I made a padded upholstered headboard for the guest bedroom this afternoon. Turned out cute!