Thursday, July 28, 2011


Right around my birthday, the Coop-man begun to master the art of sitting unassisted. This is huge people. This is kinda when we go from infant to baby in my book.  This also marks the moment where we need to start thinking about baby-proofing.  We have made it with a three-year-old, and a whole slew of daycare kids through this house with very little "proofing".... but something tells me these two are going to be different. veeeeerrrry different.

Parker started perfecting his sitting skills this week, just about a week behind big brother, but he has yet to show his skills whilst in front of a camera.  As soon as I pull that bad boy out to document this milestone he falls over like a drunken sailor.  This is the reason that the following photographic documentation is lacking a wee-bit-o'-Parker, and has a whole-lotta Coop.

 Oh, this face... swoon

Update: Shortly after writing this post, our Cooper-monkey went from a crawling position (although he does not crawl yet), to a sitting position! This is HUGE, my big man.  Now, if he would just start crawling on the regular instead of giving us a teaser and then leaving us in the lurch... 

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