Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am not a morning person. That is a fact.  I don't pretend to be. I need my time waking up.  I like my sleep (which is really only a distant memory at this point, let's face it).  I dream of the day when I will sleep all night, cozy in bed, no interruptions, waking rested........ oh, where was I, right.

Logan is also not a morning person.  This wouldn't be such a big deal except generally the first thing he is greeted five out of seven mornings is another kid playing with his toys.  Honestly, that's gotta be hard sometimes, but Mama's gotta teach him that, even when we are grumpy, we still need to be kind. and make good choices.

I add in that last part because, last week, this kid of mine did not make a good choice.  He was rude, and grumpy, to our neighbor and Eliza's Dad, Tom.  I was horrifyingly embarassed. In fact, he was SO grumpy that I have since suppressed exactly what the content of the grumpiness entailed.  All I know is that it was Icky.

So, what did I do? I told my kid to shake of the grumps, grab a marker and a gigantic piece of paper and get to writing. I explained what a letter of apology is, and had him tell me what he thought the letter should read.  Which was this:

Dear Tom,  I am sorry I was grumpy. I will be happy tomorrow and make better choices.   Logan


Logan wrote out each word, sounding the word out with some help.  I was very proud that he was dedicated to this task, and I know that he was pleased with the end result, and was very serious when he handed the note to Krystin to pass along to Tom.

The best thing? This incident reminds ME to be less grumpy in the morning.  Count my blessings! Smell the roses! Carpe Diem!

Just please, oh please pass the coffee first.

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