Friday, July 8, 2011

Ah, the things he says.

The other day, Logan and Eliza were crouched down in the bathroom whispering.  He had mentioned earlier that they were doing some "very important work", which means "you better keep a super close eye on us because at any given moment we could potentially take out every damn book/block/truck etc. and create a toy mountain otherwise known as 'our work'". Yea. It has happened. After a few minutes of quiet, I hear Logan directly behind me whispering "Mommy, I was investigating the bathroom and discovered something.... I have to pee".


Then he busts out with stuff like "Mommy you need to put more toilet paper in the bathroom for when I totally have to poop, because... that's just what people do". Really, child? Really?

Sometimes he says super cute stuff like "Mommy I need to wear my play shoes because we are going to a play", or even super smarty-pants stuff like "Mommy, five plus two equals seven, and I know that because it's just true".

Can't argue that logic.

However, sometimes, he says a really doozy. You know, the stuff that makes you laugh, but kinda makes you wanna cry at the same time, because you are IN PUBLIC.  This time, it wasn't just in public, but at the home of one of Brian's co-workers, and surrounded by other co-workers.

Let's set the scene: Logan and Brian, in the middle of the back yard, surrounded by 6786 people, playing catch.  Logan, the unfortunate boy, takes a ball straight to the crotch. I knew it was coming. He bent over, grabbing "the family jewels" and belts out in the loudest voice in the history of loudness

 "UGGGGHHHH! My (va)Gina!".

Yep, "my vagina".

Aw, crap. The roaring laughter ensued, and I joined in because, let's face it, either that or I use my bare hands to dig myself a hole right there in co-workers' back yard.

The boy knows he is sans a lady garden, and knows fully well that he is equipped with a penis and a scrotum (however he calls that a penis-bag. Too much information? Okay).  So I really am quite unsure why the new obsession with vagina. I can tell you that, the other night at dinner, Brian, the babies, and I were graced with a lovely song titled "Vagina", and went to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle", and composed with the word "Vagina" over. And over. And over again.

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