Tuesday, July 28, 2009

18 Month Sleep Regression... You are NOT my BFF

Logan has decided to revert back to the old days when he would NOT sleep at night. Why, God, WHY?! We were perfectly content with the 8pm - 6:30am (OR LONGER) that he had been totally down with for months and months and MONTHS. But no. Two nights in a row he has been up at 11pm, tossing and turning when we bring him to our bed (yes, we are THOSE parents), and when I am finally about to lose my mind around 1am since I have yet to go to sleep, we put him back in his bed where he will scream until 2am. That is ONE HOUR of screaming. And the worst part? It's not a crying scream. Oh no... It is MOMMMMMMMYYYYY, sob sob sob, MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM, sob sob, MAAAAAMAAAAAA. So, you know, just enough mixture of sobbing and calling for me to make my heart break into about 4 million pieces.

I have hope for tonight though... oh yes sir. This boy is TIRED and needs some sleep. Tonight HAS to be the night, right?

But isn't he cute?

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