Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tonight I watched my youngest look up at my oldest and I saw that spark between the two of them. Brothers. There was a proud twinkle in Logan's face, a look that said "I am here to take care of you", and in Parker was pure joy and excitement looking at the face of his biggest brother. For me? The mama? Wow. I watched my oldest and my youngest discovering brotherhood right before my eyes, and with my sweet Cooper asleep in the crook of my arm. My three sons all snuggled with me in one soft chair. A lifetime of sleepless nights, spitup stained shirts, unwashed hair, and dark-circled eyes have nothing on moments like these. These are the moments that ges me through the colic. These moments get me through the stress and the worry. These boys are why I wake up each day ready to embrace new smiles, brighter eyes, and sloppy kisses. Today I am drinking up the sweet voices of my boys. The imagination from the biggest one, to the coos of the littlest ones, my life is just so full.

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  1. this brought tears to my eyes, as my baby sleeps in the next room :')