Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Months

Dear Parker and Cooper,

You are two months old today. Two month ago right now my world was changed. I was still on a high from the most amazing birth experience I could have imagined for the three of us, and I can still remember vividly seeing both of you for the first time.

In the past two months you have shown us your personalities, you have grown and gotten stronger, and I have fallen more and more in love with you both with each passing moment.

Cooper, you are most content cuddled on my chest. No frills, or tricks, just snuggling with your mommy. You are so sweet. You are quiet, and love to be awake and looking around the room. You have shown the beginnings of smiles, but I think that is one thing you are going to make us work for.

Parker, today upon finishing nursing, you looked up at me with your big owl-eyes, and smiled. You have smiled many times before, but this time was different, this time, you were smiling at me. I locked eyes with yours and coo'd at my sweet boy and your smiles got bigger and your chubby cheeks looked round and smooshed under those giant eyes.

Our sweet boys are growing so well, and we could not be more amazed by their progress. Parker is now 8 lbs 15.5 oz, and Cooper is 9 lbs 4.5 oz. They both love to be held, love smooches on their heads from big brother, love to nurse, and love to snuggle next to each other. Parker still has colic in the evenings and loves to be on his tummy with his back patted. Cooper, again, is happy just being near mommy or daddy.

Our lives the past two months have been crazy. I have reached a new level of tiredness I was unaware existed, but somehow feel pretty functional during the day. I have gained a comfort level for leaving the house with all three boys, and have learned how to nurse both of them in public without anybody even realizing I am doing it. We don't have a daily routine, there is no schedule, and we basically just live for our children at this point. I have to say, that my favorite part of the days is when I have Parker and Cooper together in my arms, and Logan snuggled by my side reading to his brothers. This is what it is all about.

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  1. Reading this made me so happy, Linds. Happy birthday, P and C, and much love to all five of you!