Friday, February 4, 2011

My Favorite Things...

This post was meant for the holiday season, but we found ourselves little bit... um... busy. You know... two babies and stuff.

So here we are, my Holiday Favorite Things post in February. I figured I could be extra productive today. After all, I was actually able to brush my teeth... BEFORE NOON!

This has got to be the best baby gear invention, EVER! It's totally weird though. I mean, you stick something up your baby's nose, you put the other end in your MOUTH and suck out the snot. How weird is that? But, I have to say, it puts those silly green bulb syringes to total shame in the effectiveness department, and there is a stellar filter so you will never get the goopy snots to reach anywhere near your mouth. Scouts honor.

My friend Kelly sells Pampered Chef and got me this kick ass can opener as a Baby Shower gift. It is, by far, the best can opener out there. Now I don't get carpal tunnel when I make Chili! Send Kelly Bartlett from Racine, WI a message to order!

These are most definitely the most widely used item in our home right now. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are huge, lightweight and versatile. We use them as burp rags, blankets, changing pads, towels, snuggle wraps, car seat covers, and on and on. The best thing? The more you wash them, the softer they get. They are the PERFECT blanket for babies born in the summer months. The muslin is super breathable and just the most cozy blankets ever.
Aden + Anais make a variety of products including burps, large blankets, and sleeping bags.
This is probably the single most expensive baby gear item I have purchased thus far, but definitely one of the best. Money well spent. This stroller is easy to use, extremely durable, great for two kids, or one kid and a bunch of shopping bags, and paired with the attachable cup holder which conveniently holds a large skim milk, half-caff, sugar-free vanilla latte, can be taken anywhere. Fits easily through all doors, can be pushed with one hand, and can even fit in between those cozy racks at Gymboree. Love it.

I love a good cup. I was thrilled to find these durable, easy to use, LARGE, and fun cups on Amazon. Plus they are cheap, dishwasher safe, and fit in all cups, including my stroller cup holder. As a mom breastfeeding twins, I need to not only have a LARGE glass of water at arms reach at all times, but let's face it, mama isn't sleeping, so mama needs a cup 'o joe.
The only complaint I have about the water cup is that my three-year-old can't keep his little paws off it. He keeps asking me to get on my computer and order one for him.

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