Sunday, November 14, 2010

We have a room!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant. Wow. While I often feel like I have been pregnant for all of eternity, this pregnancy has also flown by. When I am not beached on the couch, I am in crazy woman nesting mode. This weekend has been what I would call relaxing-productive. I feel so good about the progress we have made. All the baby clothes, blankets, sheets, and gear are washed and put away. The carseats are washed, cleaned, put together, and ready to go! I even ordered a convertible seat, and some other gear we were still needing. My diaper bag is packed and ready to go, and all of the beautiful knits from my friends Sara and Leslie have been washed and are currently drying to be packed as well. I am chin deep in cloth diapers again... something that I have been free from for some time now, and that I am also so excited about having two little cushie bums to pat. I'm ready, bring it on (well not really, bake a little longer boys, okay?).

BUT! Mama's been nesting. We do have a room for you whenever you are ready. Love.

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