Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkeys, perhaps?

After yesterday's OB appointment, I am pretty certain I will be birthing babies the size of 2 year olds... ok, well maybe not that large, but surely the size of Thanksgiving Turkeys. Baby A is measuring 77% and Baby B 74%, and this is based on singleton pregnancies! This was such great news, my doctor was just thrilled, and kept saying how excited she is. I am measuring full-term, 37 weeks to be exact, and the doctor couldn't keep herself from giggling when she walked in the room. My blood pressure was rock-star good; 117/76, and I am assuming I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test since I didn't get a phone call today. I am not dilated yet, but I am "soft" as she explained it. I haven't had as many contractions the past few days, which I am graciously enjoying. Don't get me wrong, by "not as many" I am still having probably 15-20 a day, but that is better than the 7-8 an hour that I was having, accompanied by the pelvic pain. Luckily, I think that got better once Baby A got into his super comfy, yet breech, position. Doctor is shooting for 35-36 weeks. I am down with that as long as we have healthy, breathing, non-NICU turkeys. Actually, by then, they would be Christmas Turkeys!

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