Monday, November 1, 2010

28 Weeks and Halloween

28 weeks 1 day. Today I started washing baby clothes. Oh... swoon... There is nothing quite like going through your baby boys's baby clothes for your new baby boys. I remembered the little outfits and shoes, and what Logan looked like in each one. What he felt like snuggled up to my chest in those sweet fleece outfits and animal shaped hats. What he smelled like, a mixture of baby shampoo and baby laundry detergent. Speaking of which, I used today while washing the newborn baby clothes and I couldn't help but bury my nose in the pile of sweet little blue duds. It is now November, which means that next month, most likely, we will be parents of three boys. Wow. Our lives are about to change.
Yesterday was Halloween! Logan was rocking his giraffe costume like nobody's business.
Showing off his loot. The suckers were his favorite.

Um, how cute are these two?

Giraffe meets Batman!
Trick or Treat!
I can't believe it is the start of the holiday season! Woo hoo, bring on Thanksgiving! Mama wants some turkey and stuffing!

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