Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holding strong...

I had an OB appointment today. It was early this morning, and I had to take Logan and Caden with me. This alone made me sweat a little because, really, you never know what can happen with two toddlers, and especially, you never know how long it will take before the doctor actually makes it to the exam room! Add on top of that the exam room was 800 degrees. Okay, well probably not, but when you are 54 weeks pregnant, anything about 60 degrees feels like 800 degrees. The boys were great, despite the fact that, for the second consecutive OB visit, Logan has had to go to the bathroom the minute I am dressed in nothing other than a sheet from the waist down. Seriously, that boy has impeccable timing.

As for the good stuff, BP was great (even with the added stress of a toddler-poop situation), my weight was only up 3lbs, which is perfect since the babies are gaining about 1 lb each a week. Cervix is thinned, but closed, which means bedrest is warded off a bit longer. The belly is measuring 40 weeks (God help me), and the babies sound fantastic. Next Wednesday we get to see our sweet babies in ultrasound again, and my next appointment with the doc is two weeks from today. After that I start NST's twice a week, weekly OB visits, and frequent ultrasounds. We will basically be living at the doctor's office from now until the boys are here. Crunch time. We are here!

On a related note, I have officially given up on sleep. Probably for the next few years. I slept a total of 5 hours last night, and even that was broken and not restful. My sides go completely numb, my hips ache, my belly aches, I contract, I moan, I pee... a lot. The good news is that I am becoming familiar with the TV lineup at 4am, which I am sure will come in handy soon.

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