Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two for today

Santa has been a very frequent topic in our household the past few weeks. Ever since Logan got a message from Santa via the PNP (thanks Katy Brown!), he has not stopped talking about the big guy. Today we went to see Santa at the mall. Logan was so excited! He danced around while we waited in the line. Finally when we got up to see Santa, Logan was similar to when we saw Mickey Mouse. Stunned. Still. But happy!
Don't let the pictures fool you. He really was happy!

Finally, when we left Santa's House, Logan looks at me and asked "That's it?". Ummm. What did you expect, son?


Logan was exhausted after our day of fun today. Santa, then lunch, then the Children's Museum. He fell asleep on the way to the car. We were hoping he would continue to nap when we got home, but a situation "code brown" disturbed his nap...

I was unaware of the dirty diaper, and was really enjoying listening to him in his bed. He was singing "twinkle, twinkle" over and over, and clapped and said "YAY!" each time he finished the song. I decided to try to videotape the concert, so I crept up the stairs. He must have sensed me coming because this is what I heard about half way up:

"OH. What's that? Who's there? Mom? Dad? Oh... I POOPED!"

Guess who's awake!

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