Friday, December 4, 2009

Indentations in the carpet.

My Dearest Son,

You little weirdo. You have a bit more than a causal interest in indentations in the carpet left by toys and furniture. When you see a mark in the carpet left by a toy, you will walk straight to it, glare at it, and start rubbing it out with your foot. I never taught you this. I have no idea where you got this from. The anal-retentiveness, yes, but this particular habit... no.

Then there was today - the ottoman was removed from its normal spot, which happened to leave rather large indentations in the carpet. I walked over to assess. You looked at it from different angles. You started your usual "foot rub" to get them out. This was not successful. You started to stomp on them. Nope, not working. You grabbed a plastic ball and started hitting them with the ball.... nada. Finally you walked over to me and said "Mom. The floor has owie".


  1. Tell Logan to put ice cubes on the indentations. That will get them out. Love Grandma