Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"I need help!"

"I need help!"

This is what I heard coming from Logan's room today about 3 minutes after I put him down for nap. I went sprinting up the stairs thinking there is something terribly wrong with the boy. I am thinking an arm stuck in the crib, bumped his head, or encountered a toddler-eating spider.... Luckily it was none of these things, and when I entered his room, there was Logan in the corner of his crib, whimpering, and pointing to his blankets.

Logan: "I need help"
Me: "You need help with your blankets"
Logan: "Yeeeaahhh" (insert pouty face here)

So I wrapped him in his blanket, tucked him in with Puppy, Sheep, and Dino, otherwise known as the "A Team", as well as Moose, Alligator, and Dolphin, otherwise known as the "B Team". He's good to go now.

"I need help" is just one of a few new phrases Logan has picked up in the last week. He has also been saying "What's that noise?", "who's here?", "What happened?", "I wanna snuggle", and "That bed!". Oh, and don't forget "We don't do that", "She needs a timeout", and "NEW COUCH!".

For real. This kid is chatty. And I LOVE it.

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