Friday, December 25, 2009

All good things must come to an end.

Dear Logan,

As we are winding down from your second Christmas, I am trying to remember all the little details that made this day so special. Even though it was your second Christmas, I have to admit, it felt more like your first. Last year was great, but you were just ending that "Sack of potato" stage of infancy and just beginning to embark on toddlerhood. Hardly the stage that understands Santa. But this year....

You loved every moment. We baked cookies last night for Santa. You are so serious when you bake. I wouldn't be surprised if you one day have your own Food Network show. You really get into using the cookie cutters and decorating. Maybe you will be the next Cake Boss?

You picked out four particular cookies for Santa, and set them on your special plate. You wore your Santa jammies, and cuddled on the couch until your eyes were falling heavy. You talked about Santa as I put you in your crib. I don't remember being this excited about Christmas morning since I was a kid myself.

This morning was great! You got up, and for a moment, forgot what we would be doing. However as soon as we reminded you, you ran to the gate at the top of the stairs ready to see the loot! When you got to the tree I think you were so overwhelmed, you didn't smile or make a sound. First you checked to make sure Santa had eaten the cookies, which he did. Then you looked in the empty glass of milk, satisfied. Finally, you picked up the crumpled napkin, gave me the stink eye and asked, "Um. WHAT is THIS?". Evidently you expected Santa to throw away his trash. Noted for next year.

Your favorite gift had to have been your kitchen since you played with that for about five hours today. It's a good thing too since your Dad spent over 3 hours last night putting it together.

We spent the day eating, cuddling, watching movies, and playing with your new toys. We never got out of our jammies. It was just the three of us, and it was so relaxing. You ate your body weeight in ribs, mashed potatoes, and veggies tonight. Finished off with a cookie.

So, my sweet, this Christmas must come to an end. Right now I am watching you play with your new CAT skid loader. Daddy is so proud!

Love you to the moon and back. Merry Christmas my sweet boy!


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