Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That's my boy!!!

This afternoon, when I was about to reinact that scene from Overboard where Goldie Hawn is glassy-eyed and going "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba", Logan made me stop and realize, again, that it is worth it!

We have a sofa table near the front window of the living room that has a few picture frames, and a small glass Kate Spade candle and candle holder. Logan often has a fascination with picking up the candle holder and practice putting the candle in it.... well, he knows better, people. Really, he does. I caught him red-handed and asked him nicely to please put it back. Well, he DID! But... that is not the amazing part. The amazing part is that he put it back, turned to walk away, caught the object out of the corner of his eye, turned back around, and ADJUSTED THE CANDLE HOLDER so that is was in the exact spot it should be - about one inch from where he had it. He was satisfied with the new placement, and went on to play.

Yep, if it were ever questioned, he is my son. Call it OCD, call is pure awesomeness.... whatever. Now there are TWO of us! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  1. Such a proud mommy moment for you!!

  2. He's definately his mother's son. Thank you for teaching my grandson that he can admire things "respectfully" and it CAN be done at any age!! You're the best Mommy ever!! (the candle wan't on was it?) lol

  3. HAHAHAHAHA no mom, the candle was not lit.