Friday, August 14, 2009


Logan just got up from his nap a little while ago, and when we got down stairs he was all "Mommy, I want meeeeeoooookkkk, mommy". Now for those of you who don't speak toddler, Logan was requesting some milk. Clearly, I don't move fast enough for him, because he was impatiently waiting for me in front of the fridge - one hand on the handle, while bouncing up and down saying "meeeoookkk, meeeeoooookkk, meeeeooookkk" in a slight whisper. I got him the milk and he took it into the living room, lifted up the seat of his fire truck, tossed in the cup, closed the seat down, looked at me and is all "mommy? Where's my meeeeooookkkk mommy?". Hmmm.

Then he got a ball, threw it to me and says "good throw mommy. good throw MOM".

Thanks honey.

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