Monday, August 17, 2009

Back Off, Elmo!!

Tonight I was in the shower, Brian was mowing the lawn, and Logan was quietly reading a book and working on a puzzle in our bedroom. He realized he was a couple puzzle pieces short, so he went over to the basket that had the pieces, reached in, and UH OH! - woke up that crazy talking Elmo doll! Logan FREAKED out, backed up about 4 feet saying "Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh... I NEED MY FOOTBALL!". He ran over to the bed, and reached up saying "I NEED MY FOOTBALL!" (side note: His football is his security item. It is a little terry football rattle that he adores). I got out of the shower, gave him the football and asked him if he wanted me to take care of Elmo:
Me: Logan would you like me to put Elmo away?
Logan: Uh Huh!
Me: Do you like Elmo?
Logan: nooooo
Me: Should I put him in the closet?
Logan: UH HUH!


Earlier tonight, after dinner, Logan pinched his finger on the buckle -
Me: Oh no! Did you pinch your finger?
Logan: (whining) UHHHH HUUUUUHHHH!!!
Me: Oh! Does it huuurrrttt!!??
Logan: (Crying) UUUHHHH HUUUUUHHH!!!
Me: Should mommy kiss it?
Logan: uh huuuuhhhh....
Me: (*Kiss* the owie)Is that better?
Logan: Yep.

I have no idea where he got his dramatic nature from... Brian I assume....

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