Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and... funnel cakes?

Today we went on our family "Daycation" (like that one Brian?!) to Des Moines. We started our day with a picnic lunch at the park near the zoo, then wandered in to see the animals! My personal favorite was the Giraffe exhibit. Logan seemed to enjoy the petting zoo, and I believe that Brian most liked the ginormous Bull-type-animal. It was not a bull, but rather a bull-type-animal that I believe is on steroids. As we walked away Brian did whisper to me "Hey did you see his - ".

Today was pretty much the first day that Logan took my hand and walked around with me, hand in hand, for an extended period of time. He grabbed onto it so tightly, and we walked around all looked at all the animals. This was probably one of my most favorite moments thus far as a parent.

After the zoo, we met Ben and Stacey at the Iowa State Fair! Not only was it ridiculously packed, hot, and stinky... it was also pouring rain at times. Ick. Regardless, I am SO glad that we went, and even more glad that we got to spend some time with the Heggen's. We miss those guys.

You can't visit the State Fair without partaking in some fair-food-eating. While we chose NOT to sample the chocolate covered bacon or deep-fried Twinkies, we did enjoy some cheese curds, BBQ pork, chocolate ice cream, and a bite or two of strawberry shortcake. Yum. Logan had a great time, and really took a liking to Ben! They seemed to hit it off, and Logan was even reaching for Ben to pick him up and throw him up in the air. Logan eventually fell asleep in the stroller, so he missed most of the animals, but he did get to see and hear all the crazy chickens and roosters - especially that all white one with the cotton ball head! Hey, anyone know why some of the chickens lay pink eggs? Anyone?

When we got back into town we went straight to Red's to grab some dinner. Poor Logan was STARVING, but that didn't hold him back from being entertaining at the restaurant. He started the dinner by grunting, turning red, and announcing "I poo poo'd". Awesome. Then he proceeded to eat a bite of food, and shake his head uncontrollably. Then he would look around the room and catch the eye of anyone that would look back at him, smile to grab their attention, then reach out to Brian or me with pucker faces to give us a smooch - just to showcase his cuteness. What a ham. He really captured the attention of one couple, and they couldn't stop watching him the whole time. When we left, the woman said, "you have quite the sweetie there". I thanked her and said, "We are pretty lucky".

I do have pictures of the day, but lets face it, I'm beat! Pictures will just have to wait.

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