Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Very Pintrest-ing.

I recently became obsessed with Pintrest. It is the cure to the end of the internet. I kid you not. There is always something to look at. Like shopping without having to give anyone your credit card number or explaining the charges to your husband! What?

I was into quite the Pintrest-groove when the Geek Squad repaired stole my computer.  While on hiatus, I decided to put some one of my "pinned" items into action!

I love homemade items that can turn into great family heirlooms.  That is how this growth chart found a giant spot in my heart.. and kitchen.  I found the wood in my garage thanks to my husband and our ridiculously crap-packed garage.  This project was insanely simple and required the wood, a yard stick, wooden numbers (purchased at Michael's), wood stain, Sharpie Paint Pen, and black spray paint. With a little secret inscription on the back to my 3 little cherubs, and some heavy duty bolts, we have one stellar growth chart for the McGowan boys to mark-up over the years. Love it to the moon and back.

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  1. We did something very similar due to our old home owners. They had a "growth chart" that they had going from their children on the trim of the wall in our hallway. All we did was paint it white, stencil the twins names on the top, and done. We started on their 1st bday and the kids are ALWAYS checking it!