Friday, September 9, 2011

May I Pintrest you in some DIY art?

See, I told you.  I have a whole slew of titles like this.  You know you love it.

If you were to come knock on our door, you would be greeted with this guy:

Hello gorgeous. I still love my plum door.
Although it's no Beyonce, the giant metal chicken.

I also love my 20 minute, DIY yarn and t-shirt wreath.

Wire wreath frame, cheap brown yarn, Rosette's made from old t-shirts, hot glue. Bam.

Open the Plum Princess and you will be greeted with this!

I used to have a Matisse print in this frame (and the frame used to be silver) but I figured that my houseful of pint-sized painters deserved some fun and inspiring art.  Better yet, the insanely generous and creative Katy Brown gave me that kick-ass art board on which to hang said Masterpieces.  The best part about this project is that the frame was already hanging there (holla for not having to get out the hammer!), and all it needed was a fresh, glossy coat of black spray paint.  The "art" is nothing more than paint swatches laid wherever my crazy mind decided to lay them. Super fun. So for a grand total of $8, I was able to completely transform the front entry of our house. I wish I had a "before" picture.  But alas, I do not.

Have you ever made art out of paint swatches? Seriously, the interwebz (specifically Pintrest) has about 6897897 different ideas for this colorful fun cards. Go get to DIY'ing!

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  1. I really like this, especially the new art. This seems so much more "you" to me. Cool!