Sunday, September 11, 2011

8 Months

Yea, I am that far behind. The past month has brought a lot of time-consuming activity such as crawling babies, let me say this again slowly... crawling...babies. two of them. in different directions.  We have had to get quite crafty as to how we keep them in a safe place and decided, against my previous parenting choices, to purchase a baby jail.  It was necessary for safety purposes.

We don't put them in the jail, but use the jail to keep them in a specified "safety zone" in the living room.  God bless things made of adjustable plastic. 

The big man Cooper got himself some chompers! Two cute little bottom teeth. 

Parker, as to not be left in Cooper's shadow, started saying yelling "Dada!". You know, since he is with MAMA twenty-seven hours a day, it makes sense that "Dada" would be his first word.  sure. I believe I may have heard a "Mama" in there somewhere, but "Dada" seems to be the babble of choice for Brian's Mini-me. 

Their 8-Month "photo shoot" went... well... they went. as in they went in opposite directions and didn't stop moving.  

I decided it was time to move to the floor. My babies are no longer lumps. 

In case you didn't notice, the babies are in a "grabby" stage. Yea... 

And not to be outdone by his brothers, Logan stunned us with his skills. Ha. 

The Wonder Twins are doing so amazingly well that I swear they went from infants to big 'ol babies just this past month.  Parker weighs 18 lbs and Cooper is 19.5 lbs! They both love to eat and enjoy a variety of super yummy, mommy made fruits and veggie purees, as well as the trusty spinach puffs.  Both babies have boycotted the bottle all together. Swell. So, sigh... mommy doesn't go away for too long . I am okay with this, since usually just a couple of hours is all I need to recharge my Mommy-batteries. 

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