Friday, July 2, 2010

See ya later... not goodbye.

In life we have many different kinds of friends. We have the life-long friends whom we think of as more like family. We have the fleeting friends that are in our lives for certain moments, and are none the less important than any others, but just kind of serve a purpose. We have the friends that we will always be friends with, and can catch up with over coffee or dinner until time passes us by again and we find months have gone by and we are seeking another moment with them to reconnect - picking up exactly where we left off. And much like that first group of friends, well, actually, including that first group of friends, we have those friends that may be newer in our lives, but seem to just fit in our pockets like the missing piece in our lives. The ones that just seem to float into our lives and fit in so perfectly in every aspect possible. I have a handful of these friends, and I think that is the perfect amount.

The Jordan family has really become one of our "fit like a glove" friends. Destinee and I often talk 4 times a day, and sometimes we go a few days without talking, because as we know, life with kids, and husbands, and... just life gets away from us. Brian and Vall clicked from day one, Destinee and I can have conversations for hours, and I can't even begin to explain the bond that Logan, Ava and Alanna have. There is nobody else on this planet that can make Logan laugh like Ava can. We are talking a whole-body laugh from my boy. And all she has to do is look at him. I get so much joy in telling Logan we are getting together with Ava and Alanna and watching his face light up with such excitement and anticipation, knowing that he is going to see his best friends. These friends of ours just fit us, and on top of that, are good, good people. They are kind, and real, generous and fun. They are hard workers and great parents. We are so blessed to know them.

Vall's job as a college basketball coach means that they sometimes need to move. And that just sucks. In anticipation for their move to Michigan, Destinee and I have been spending as much time together with the kids as possible. We have very seldom discussed the farewell, as it always seemed far away. I would leave each "play date" knowing that we would see them again in a day or two, and really until last night, was in denial that they were actually leaving.

We had dinner at Olive Garden, fighting back tears throughout the meal, and just trying to enjoy the last minutes of watching the kids play. Then after a very tearful goodbye in the parking lot, we waved to our friends as they drove away. Destinee says that she refuses to say goodbye, that we need to say "see ya later", and she is right. I blame preggo hormones times two on the fact that I was sobbing in the car watching them leave. Logan asked Brian "Alanna and Ava make Mommy cry?". What makes me the most sad is thinking that maybe Logan won't remember them well. I want him to remember his first best friends, and remember how much they have brought to our lives, and pick up that wonderful friendship right where it left off the next time we see them!

See ya later, Jordans! We miss you already!

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